Close Protection

Close Protection

SNT provides bilingual Close Protection Operatives (Bodyguards) and Executive Protection Services to meet our clients' requirements, whether it is on a leisurely visit, business conferences or even in a hostile environment. We operate with a highly experienced personnel.

Our Close Protection Services are diverse and tailored to our clients' needs and giving the best protection possible.

Our Close Protection Operatives (Bodyguards) are former members of British Military, Special Forces or are from a Royal Protection or Police Intelligence background.

Our clients take great satisfaction and comfort in the knowledge that Kings of Security Close Protection Operatives (Bodyguards) really are one of the best in the business.

Our high calibre London based Close Protection workforce are professional, discreet, UK Government vetted and beyond reproach. We provide high calibre operatives, both male and female, relevant to your needs to protect you, your people and your assets around the clock.

Our teams are:

  • Residential Security Team (RST)
  • Surveillance, Security Advance Party (SAP)
  • Personal Escort Security (PES)
  • Personal Protection Operatives (PPOs)