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  • Security services for your business

  • Private investigation

  • Residential security

  • Surveillance


National Security Team Ltd (NST) provides exclusive protection and bodyguards (bilingual operative availability) whether it is for leisure, business or even in a Hostile Environment. Our personnel, all whom were members of Special Forces, other Military or have a Royal Protection or Intelligence background, will give the best protection possible and we can tailor our services to suit our client’s needs.

NST also provides licensed professional security personnel to VIPs, Prestigious Buildings, Fashion Houses, High Street Retail, Residency, Leisure Events, Sporting Events and Corporate Offices.

All our London based operations bodyguards are the best the industry can offer and all clients can be rest assured that they will be getting the best protection available. We are proud to say that all operatives are government vetted, professional, and discreet.

Featured services

  • VIP Security
  • Surveillance
  • Close Protection
  • Private Investigation
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Security Driving
  • Residential Security
  • Door Supervision
  • CCTV
  • Personal Medical Officers
  • Front of house and reception security
  • Specialist International Services Training
  • Private Martial Arts Training